Come Again?

What it's like

Having depression is like having an orgasm.

You don’t believe me? Think back to your last orgasm. Put yourself there. Relive it. Think about who you were with (or not as the case may be. No judgers here. ) Think about where you were. Remember how your breathing got heavier….and quicker…oh…oh yes…right there….your heart started beating faster…your body was tingling…oh…oh…you were panting…your head started spinning…oh yes…your muscles tensed….you quivered…the pulsating…the pressure…you wanted it to happen…you wanted to prolong the feeling…you didn’t know what you wanted…you couldn’t focus…oh God…oh God…oh…oh…you were on the edge of what you knew would be the most intense feeling ever…

Let’s stop there. Partly because this isn’t that kind of blog. The only 50 Shades of Grey on here refer to my moods. But mostly we need to stop because we’re already missing some of our group. Some of the readers have left the building. They’ve started pairing socks or are going through the freezer to see if there is something for dinner. We lost them at hello.

Yes, they know all about orgasms. They know what happens. They’ve maybe even seen people have them. But they certainly don’t want to talk about them or waste precious time reminiscing about having them. No siree.

In actual fact, it’s because they can’t. And the reason they can’t is because they’ve never had one. And having never experienced it, they can never really know what it feels like.

And that is why I say having depression is like having an orgasm. Ta da!

Oh. You thought I meant in a good way? That I was going to find some positive comparison. Hell no. I’m not that mental. Depression is vile. It would be a struggle to find anything good to say about it. Perhaps I could say they are similar because in both cases you temporarily lose your mind, but that would be really stretching it. A bit like trying to find a link between a Tesco burger and a cow.

I really do believe that depression is something that is very difficult to understand unless you have been through it yourself. My heart sinks a bit when I hear of celebrities revealing their mental health issues. Yes, it’s great that the more people talk about it, the less stigma there will be surrounding depression, but I also worry that it widens the gap between the people that don’t understand it and those of us over in the blue corner.

I see the comments on the Daily Mail articles about whatever star has ‘come out’, slating them for claiming to be depressed. Telling them they should try living off fifty pence a week etc etc and then they’d have something to be miserable about. And I do know where they are coming from. It is hard to understand why someone can feel so low, when on the surface they appear to have everything.

If only it worked like that. I have a lovely life. I’ve got bugger all to be depressed about. Generally though, it isn’t about ‘something’ being wrong. If it was I’d just change the ‘something’ and hey presto I’d be Little Miss Sunshine merrily emigrating from Miseryland to Laughterland.

I’m hoping to try and explain via this blog, what it’s like to have depression. Perhaps even try to understand my own. Because that’s another thing, it can be different for everybody.

Mind you, it seems that the same can also be said for orgasms, as while writing this post I did some googling (which is not a euphemism.) According to Wikipedia, there were 26 definitions of orgasm listed in the Clinical Psychology Review. Yes, 26. Are you surprised? It got a big ‘Oh’ from me.

When I feel down
I want you above me
Divinyls – I Touch Myself

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