Dear You, How are you? Good I hope? Cause I am. Hurrah! I’d be satisfied with just feeling fine, but to be on the higher end of the mood spectrum is a result. A lot of that is down to you. Don’t blush – I’m being serious. If you hadn’t been so damn nice who […]

Growing Pains

Monday 4 January 1993 Dear Diary, Thoroughly depressing day. I was on such a downer. I didn’t go out. I would have been very bad company. I just watched Eldorado and went to bed. This entry concerns me for a couple of reasons. It certainly explains why I didn’t do as well as expected in […]

Hair of the Dog

I wake up. And wish I hadn’t. For a minute I panic about where I am. Work out I’m in my own bed. Should be relieved. Feel like I’m in hell. What time is it? Far too early to be awake. I’m exhausted. Thoughts are racing through my mind. I’m too tired to open my […]

Come Again?

Having depression is like having an orgasm. You don’t believe me? Think back to your last orgasm. Put yourself there. Relive it. Think about who you were with (or not as the case may be. No judgers here. ) Think about where you were. Remember how your breathing got heavier….and quicker…oh…oh yes…right there….your heart started […]

Knife Fork Spoon Spin

There was a day not so long ago that I behaved totally out of character. I bought some new cutlery. Admittedly I’d had ‘Cutlery’ on my shopping list for a while, but it was written under the Buy Sometime heading. You could be forgiven for thinking it was on the Buy Immediately list though, alongside toilet roll and milk, the way […]